Partners to our In-flight Connectivity Services

Frequencia partners with other industry leaders across the world to make in-flight connectivity services a reality for millions of business professionals and travellers.

Connect Your Passengers

We empower more and more passengers through testing essential in-flight connectivity services that are no longer seen as a luxury, but a basic requirement whilst travelling. Frequencia enables airlines to introduce new features that keep their customers connected, entertained and informed through our tailored solutions across the flight.

Frequencia is a trusted supplier to the aviation industry. We guarantee peace of mind with excellent performance throughout the service of the product. We understand the importance in keeping your aircraft and your passengers connected.

We support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options – the biggest transformation in in-flight entertainment to be seen since the evolution of screens integrated into individual seatbacks. New solutions can have a lot of advantages from reducing weight through to cutting maintenance costs on hardware.

The expectation from passengers in an “always-on” world is to obtain the same level of connectivity in the air as they do on the ground. But making sure your passengers experience uninterrupted connectivity over a long flight is a complex challenge. It requires the design and installation of detailed equipment and the infrastructure needed for uninterrupted coverage across any conditions.

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers face a lot of challenges before being able to adopt in-flight connectivity services. We design, manufacture and install products that consider advanced connectivity networks in the face of cybersecurity. Hacks into systems such as the cockpit avionics can lead to catastrophic consequences. However our cost-effective connectivity solutions create the required scope for cybersecurity technology developers.

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