Frequencia builds stable, competitive and thorough avionics design services for aircraft enhancement projects. Our team will design every aspect with you, and continue to do so when the solution is live, making sure it succeeds.

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As an EASA approved organisation, Frequencia develops avionics design services and issues aircraft STCs along with other related airworthiness certificates and approvals. We also evaluate data for major repairs and alterations to help your organisation accelerate certification processes as an authorised and approved extension of EASA.

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Avionics System Design

Modern aircraft consists of various elements of different technologies (structures, mechanics, electric, electronics, fluids, etc.) The aircraft is also a particularly critical system because of obvious safety reasons. The plane is seen as a single entity with the ability to perform one simple well-defined function, but getting into more detail, it consists of a multitude of parts and systems that all need to harmoniously work with one another to perform the desired outcome.

Ever-increasing traffic density of commercial aircraft increased military precision in global conflicts and safe aircraft operations require complicated avionic systems.

Frequencia provides you with the understanding of systems design, analysis, development and testing integration. We take a detailed approach to robust and fault-tolerant electronic control systems, data systems, flight instrumentation systems, etc. We have developed the ability to design, develop and control of the avionics architecture in a system for independent verification and validation after fabrication. Our capabilities range from physical hands-on development and testing, and analytical integration of work produced by one or multiple contractors. Our design group develops a rich set of resources from state-of-the-art tools and a wealth of knowledge.

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