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Aviation Technical Consultation Services

Frequencia are able to provide impartial technical consultation in the following areas:

  • Military and Commercial aircraft connectivity and SATCOM – L Band services, Ku and Ka band satellites
  • In-Flight Entertainment and connectivity (IFE-C), including GSM, GPRS, WiFi
  • Program Management and certification support for aviation projects – both line fit and retro fit; across all OEMs
  • RF coverage / optimisation testing (GSM, LTE, WiFi, etc.)
  • RF coverage analysis and mathematical modelling
  • RF link margin analysis
  • Wireless (GSM, LTE, WiFi, etc.) performance testing
  • Data link aggregation implementation / performance testing
  • Aircraft installation support / trouble shooting
  • System Integration lab design / build / commissioning
  • Bespoke hardware design / implementation
  • RTCA DO-160 Guidance / test plans / testing
  • RTCA DO-254 Guidance
  • Leaky feeder antenna performance testing
  • Bespoke test equipment design / build
  • T-PED testing,  full DO307 compliance
  • Gate 2 Gate PED testing


Aircraft 3D RF Cabin Modelling

Aircraft 3D Cabin Modelling image


The aircraft provides a every unique RF environment that takes very careful planning when deploying wireless technology (WiFi, GSM, LTE, etc.) on-board.

Here at Frequencia we have developed and invested in the technology that allows us to accurately predict and plot the RF environment based on theoretical and practical experience gain over the last 15 years of working in the field.

We have the tools that allow us to determine the spacing and frequency assignment for each wireless access point such that we can optimise for cabin coverage whilst, managing co-channel interferences issues caused by the lack of spatial separation within the cabin.

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Frequencia PED / STC Services

PED – Connectivity – Compliance – Certification

Throughout the next decade, the majority of new aircraft being delivered into commercial revenue service will have connectivity capability and existing aircraft fleets will be upgraded through the PED testing process.

The Frequencia engineering team have an extensive background in PED testing and can adapt their services to meet all clients’ requirements. Frequencia engineers have been involved with PED compliance since 2006.

STC Process Overview

  • Definition of certification plans, including T-PED assessment process
  • The T-PED assessments follows RTCA DO-294, DO307 and ED-130
  • EASA Certification Review Items (CRI’s)
  • T-PED analysis includes:
    • T-PED technology and usage scenarios
    • T-PED Interference Scenarios
    • Aircraft configuration characterisation
    • Multiple Equipment Factor modelling
    • Aircraft and avionics susceptibility characterisation modelling

Depending on T-PED analysis results, T-PED testing is performed to verify the equipment’s immunity.

With Frequencia’s proven skill, experience in this field and agility to respond to our customer’s needs, one of the market leaders in this field.

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Plane Power


The Low Cost, high quality Power Solution




PlanePower™ is a low cost, high quality power system that allows passengers to charge their personal devices during flight. The system provides full charge capability to every device connected.

The system has been designed with cost and weight as the main requirements.  This is achieved by having designed a high efficiency and high reliability power supply unit which is capable of supporting up to 30 devices per power supply

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